Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ode to Chicken

(to tune of ode to Joy, see chorus here:

Boiled Chicken I abhor thee,
Tween my teeth, I've had enough.
Swallowed down some protein in me,
Cupcakes I am dreaming of.
Melt the fat and give me leanness.
I can't eat this another day.
Chicken makes my temper meanest,
Keep the yummy carbs away.

All that work with weights to pound me,
Let my muscles be my pay.
Sweat and tears fly around me.
Cardio for me today.
Chicken, egg white, broccoli, brown rice;
Nothing else can e'er go in me,
But oh, that cupcake would be nice.
Three more weeks and I am free.

I am running and weight lifting,
At the show I'll be the best.
After that I will be eating
All the things I gave a rest.
Boiled chicken out the window,
If I see you I will whine.
After I win best in show
cupcakes I will make you mine.

Boiled Chicken ain't good for us.
What was I thinking when this began?
Lack of carbs makes my brain porous,
This diet thing ain't fit for man.
Weight loss, as I have discovered
Comes with a very heavy price.
Boiled chicken tastes run-overed
And I am very sick of rice.

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